Invictus Innovation EV Technology:

Chip scale science and technology in Southeastern Michigan


Invictus Innovation EV Technology LLC, is a technology company that will address the chip scale that will create jobs and retain talent in the E.V. Technology.


Invictus EV Innovation will be a State-Of-The-Art 21 Century Highly Interactive Campus


Invictus EV Innovation Headquarters will be in Southeast Michigan and in different parts of the US.

Next Generation: Intelligent and energy efficient advanced vehicle utilizing integrated optoelectronic materials and devices.

Next Generation: Ultra-thin metallic films and devices for next generation clean and renewable energy applications.

Next Generation: High quality hybrid dielectric thin films and devices for telecommunication, energy and environmental applications.

Next Generation: Solid state batteries, capacitors.

Next Generation: Intelligent sensors, such as chip scale solid state Lidar.


Training in EV space


Education curriculum


Charging stations

Meet our team

Danny Wilkerson

Managing Partner

Keesha Crosby

Managing Partner

Dr. Alex Yasha Yi

Partner in Collaboration with U of M

Gerald Henderson, Jr.

Chief Strategy Officer

Marcellus Major

Managing Partner

Tony Marshall

Managing Partner

Anthony R. Agnew

VP of Business Development

Sidney Smith

General Counsel

The next generation of renewable energy.

Invictus Innovation EV Technology LLC